Monday, January 16, 2012

Flightline Converges with New Media

After more than 25 years of publication, FLIGHTLINE has come to an end.  The last edition of the venerable MAPPS newsletter was published in December.

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of MAPPS.  The association was founded in 1982 and FLIGHTLINE was launched in December 1985, ending a 26 year run.

In its place, we’re implementing a change for the better.  Rather than a bimonthly PDF newsletter, we are introducing a more frequent Blog.  Presently, the MAPPS Blog can be found at In the future, MAPPS members will receive an email with a link to the blog.
Why the change? 
Media and communications are changing.  Many firms and organizations are migrating from newsletters to a blogs, as this new media provides more frequent and timely dissemination of news and information.  The blog will post information more frequently than the newsletter and the news, information and commentary will be fresher and more relevant to the members of MAPPS. 

Moreover, the name FLIGHTLINE has become dated and less applicable to the services many MAPPS member firms provide.  With the advent of satellite remote sensing, airborne LiDAR, ground and mobile mapping systems and other data acquisitions techniques that today’s geospatial firms utilize, the idea of a flightline is becoming less descriptive of the profession’s activities.

To make this transition, we need your help!  We’re launching a contest to name the new blog.  Put on your creative thinking cap, let loose your marketing and branding acumen, and give us your best ideas.  Send your suggestion to Nick Palatiello, MAPPS Marketing Communications Manager, at  There will be fun prizes and recognition for the winning entry.

Many firms and organizations are migrating from a newsletter to a blog, as this new media provides more frequent and timely dissemination of news and information.  

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