Thursday, February 10, 2011

Action Alert: Comment to FTC

Below is an email sent to the MAPPS membership today. MAPPS encourages ALL geospatial professionals to submit comments to the FTC.

There is a serious threat to the livelihood of every private geospatial firm.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed "privacy" rules that, if adopted, would make it difficult if not impossible for many geospatial services and data products to be in commerce.

The FTC proposes that prior to any for-profit business engages in the collection, sharing or use of "precise geolocation data", the company must obtain the prior approval of every citizen whose address is included. Moreover, the rule does not define "precise geolocation data".

The proposed rules are open for public comment through February 18.

MAPPS has prepared "talking points" to help with your comments.

Here's how to submit comments.

We also created a MAPPS Blog with considerable background information. Read below for further background.

We urge EVERY firm in MAPPS to submit comments. I cannot stress how important it is for your voice to be heard. There IS strength in numbers.

MAPPS has already submitted comments. Additional voices from your firm and your employees will be very helpful and influential.

If you and your firm already provided the FTC with your opinion, thank you.  If not, please submit a comment today.


John M. Palatiello
MAPPS Executive Director

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